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The Gabrielino / Tongva Springs Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation established to preserve and protect the Kuruvungna Springs area at University High School. The Foundation is a community organization that is involved in educating the public about the history as well as preserving the cultural and historical resources of the area.

The Foundation conducts outreach programs in which teachers educate high school and college age students as well as the public about the Environment and California Indian history with special attention given to the indigenous Gabrielino / Tongva Indians which once made the site at University High School their home.

The Foundation has created a cultural center at the site which now serves as a repository of artifacts, historical documents, photo collections and other historical resources directly associated with the history of the Tongva people as well as the High School.

The Foundation began in 1992 and was incorporated in 1994.

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  • Museum and Cultural Center

    Gabrielino / Tongva Springs Foundation
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    Gabrielino / Tongva Springs Foundation
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